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Defining Goals # 1

Welcome to two sisters sharing their respective interests (language and cooking) in hopes that they become mutual interests as well as benefits...

So do we really need to wait to begin our recipee-for-language swap? Let' start working on defining goals.

You want to teach Raven Japanese (and I want ye to), and I want to cook. More often. As a lifestyle. As an offering to whatever community I'm a part of. So you help me define my goals.

Here's the curriculum I suggested for R: For the rest of this year, beginning April 1st, simply learn one word a day. The trick is to learn the same word in multiple ways (tactile, kinesthetic, sound, image)--so it's rooted in the brain and at the end of the year Raven can use at least 220 words out of 275 (that's 80%).

Sneak preview at first week's assignment:
2 politeness words; numbers 1-5

What might my first week's assignment look like?
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